Donata’s seminar “Embodied dimensions of thinking” in the University of Iceland, spring 2019, has been announced.

Teacher: Donata Schoeller.

The seminar introduces the approaches of the international research project on Embodied Critical Thinking, hosted at the Institute of Philosophy of the University of Iceland. On the grounds of an ‚experiential turn’ in philosophy, the seminar will investigate embodied backgrounds of thinking and meaning that have been brought to the fore from different philosophical schools and research areas. We will cover groundbreaking texts from the pragmatist, phenomenological, hermeneutic and feminist traditions, and also dipp into the enactive approach to meaning based on research in the cognitive sciences. Besides understanding the complexity one needs to deal with when considering the embodied roots of thinking and meaning, we will ask what this means for the practice of thinking. A considerable amount of the seminar will be dedicated to new practices in critical thinking and research that do not discard the situated and embodied intricacy from which every-body thinks.

All interested students with relevant background are welcome to apply to take this seminar, but philosophy students will be given priority in case of oversubscription.

Taught in English on an intensive basis (6 hours per week) from 5-28 March 2019.